WaterStove Directory
A.K.A.: Outdoor Wood Furnaces, Outside Wood Boilers, Wood Fired Boilers and many other names
This directory lists the major WaterStove manufacturers in the U.S.
A WaterStove is a furnace (using wood, coal and/or liquid fuels)  that heats a water reservoir (50 to 2000 gallons) up to 210 degrees (almost boiling). This hot water is stored in the reservoir until a thermostat signals a pump to send the hot water to heat transfer devices (radiators, baseboards, forced air, hydronic floor heat, etc.) to heat the air and domestic hot water in homes or businesses.
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Alternative Heating Systems
Aqua Therm

Biomass Direct, LLC
Brooten Industries, Inc
Caluwe, Inc.
Central Boiler
Crown Royal Stoves
ECONO Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Free Heat Machine
Freedom Outdoor Furnace
Garn Wood Heat Stoves
Greenwood Clean Energy
Hardy Manufacturing
Hawken Energy

Heatmaster ss
Heatsource 1
Hicks Waterstoves

Houser Welding
Johnson Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Legend Outdoor Furnaces
Mahoning Outdoor Frunaces
Nature's Comfort LLC
New Horizon Corp.

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Houser Welding

Turbo Burn, Spokane, Washington Taylor Manufacturing, Elizabethtown, North Carolina Hicks Waterstoves, Mount Airy, North Carolina Central Boiler, Greenbush, Minnesota BIOHEAT, USA, Lyme, New Hampshire Royall Manufacturing, Elroy, Wisconsin Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces, Mahaffee, Pennsylvania Garn Wood Heat Stoves, St. Anthony, Minnesota Aqua-Therm, Brooten, Minnesota Freedom Outdoor Furnace, Olanta, Pennsylvania HEATMOR, Warroad, Minnesota HEATSOURCE 1, Beatrice, Nebraska Johnson Outdoor Wood Furnaces, Ogdensburg, Wisconsin Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace, Keewatin, Minnesota Hardy Manufacturing, Philadelphia, Mississippi Legend Outdoor Furnaces, Chadbourn, North Carolina The Wood Master, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota New Horizon Corp., Sutton, West Virginia Alternate Heating Systems, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania Heatmaster, Copper Hill, Virginia Crown Royal Stoves, International Falls, Minnesota ECONO Outdoor Wood Furnaces, Falcon, Missouri Hawken Energy, Shelby, Michigan Seton Wood Boilers Nature's Comfort Greenwood Technologies R and A Stove Works Northwest Alternative Energy Biomass Direct, LLC Portage and Main Brooten Industries Houser Welding Sedore

Northern Lights Solar Solutions
Northland Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Ozark Furnace Manufacturing

Portage and Main

R and A Stove Works
Royall Manufacturing
Seton Wood Boilers

Sedore Stoves USA
Shaver Furnaces

Taylor Manufacturing
Turbo Burn
The Wood Master
Warm Water Solutions


305 McKay Unit 20
Winnipeg MB R2G 0N5
Wood Fired Water Heaters are an ideal way to extend the swimming season and save $$$ on operating costs. These heaters are specifically designed for hot tubs and smaller pools or lap pools. These heaters use a unique physical principle called Thermosiphon. Thermosiphon is the principle that hot water rises. It is used in many heating applications and is ideal in low flow requirements such as pool or hot tub heating.


Northern Lights
Solar Heating Solutions
305 McKay Unit 20
Winnipeg MB R2G 0N5
We are a world leader in alternative energy sources specializing in solar heating and hot water storage, using solar evacuated tubes. Solar energy is the cleanest and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources. With modern advances in solar heater technology, accompanied by mass-scale production, we are now able to harness and store the suns energy like never before.


Turbo Burn
4309 E. Joseph
Spokane  WA  99217

509-483-0148 fax
Turbo Burn builds true multi-fuel waterstoves. With Turbo Burn you can burn waste oil today, wood tomorrow and fuel oil the next day. The Turbo Burn uses a short hot fire (1 to 3 hours at up to 3000 degrees) to heat a large water reservoir (750 to 1800 gallons) to 200 degrees. Turbo Burn is a primary central heating system that can be retrofitted into any existing residential or commercial structure as well as designed into new construction.


Royall Manufacturing, Inc.
301 2nd Street
Elroy   WI   53929



Quality is the hallmark of every Royall furnace, quality in  materials, quality in construction and quality in customer service. The result is a superior product that's easier to operate and delivers better performance over a longer life.

Seton Wood Boilers
13830 McBeth Rd.
New Hampshire, Ohio 45870



Twenty-four years ago, Fred Seton invested three years to research using wood to heat water that could then be used to heat a home. The result was the Seton Boiler. Visit our websites for more information.

Greenwood Clean Energy 13429 SE 30th St., Suite A
Bellevue, WA 98005


425 458-7529 fax


Greenwood® wood furnace and wood boiler provide clean, high-efficiency heating for your home and can reduce your home heating costs by up to 70 percent. Using a process called wood gasification, they burn cleanly, producing virtually no smoke, creosote or ash. Certified to UL and CSA standards for indoor operation, Greenwood furnaces are as safe to operate as a hot water heater and as easy to use as a fireplace. Installed in a garage, basement or out building, they integrate with a home's existing heating system (i.e. forced air, radiant or hot water baseboard).


Taylor Manufacturing, Inc.
1585 US Highway 701 S.
Elizabethtown  NC  28337


910 862-2799 fax

The Taylor Wood Fired Outdoor Waterstove is the future of low cost heating efficiency that lets you take control of your enormous heating costs TODAY!

HICKS Waterstoves
2649 South Main Street
Mount Airy   NC   27030


366-789-9451 fax

A Safe, simple, practical, clean system that heats your home and domestic hot water. Burns wood or coal and can be adapted to Solar Collectors.

5 Main Street  
Lyme, NH 03768


603-795-4740 fax


BioHeat USA is the North American Importer of the Baxi/HS-Tarm wood, multi-fuel, and wood pellet/corn stoker boilers. BioHeat USA is a family business owned by the Nichols family in Lyme, NH. We have been deeply involved with wood central heating units since 1973.

Nature's Comfort LLC
PO Box 949
Shipshewana, IN 46565




Natures Comfort provides a line of America’s Best Outdoor Wood & Coal Boilers and they all achieve gasification. We deliver the complete package of Quality, Price and Service.  Please visit our website for more information or to locate a dealer near you.

Hawken Energy, Inc.
1064 Industrial Park Drive
PO Box 351
Shelby, MI 49455


  (888) Log-Burn
(231) 861-8200



At Hawken Energy, we want you to be comfortable with your new outdoor furnace, and the people who stand behind it. With that in mind, we've put together a section that points out simply why Hawken Energy is the best in the business. Visit our website for more information.

Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces
208 Whiskey Run Rd.
Mahaffey   PA   15757


877- 445-8621
(814)-445-8621 fax

The Mahoning Outdoor Furnace will save you money and offers many advantages: Environmentally friendly, multi-fuel models, the furnace is outside, indoor pollutants are eliminated, quality construction & more.

Central Boiler
20502 160th Street
Greenbush, MN 56726



Central Boiler, located in Greenbush, Minnesota, was established in 1984 and is North America's largest manufacturer of quality outdoor wood furnaces. Based upon a desire to create safer and more efficient heating products, the company's innovations and patents have established Central Boiler as a leader in product quality.

Garn Wood Heat Stoves
by Dectra Corporation
3425 33rd Ave. NE
St. Anthony   MN   55418


612-781-4236 fax

Looking for a wood heating system that delivers what it promises? A creosote free burn; proven high efficiency; ease of use; safety; and longevity. Well…you just found what you have been looking for in GARN® WHS Smokeless Wood Heat equipment.

48301 State Highway 55
Brooten   MN   56316


320-354-3275 fax

Long known as the top-of-the-line in outside wood burners, the Aqua-Therm is manufactured in Minnesota where we know cold. When properly sized the Aqua-Therm should go 10-12 hours unattended. Just set the thermostat and the unit will provide the heat.

Freedom Outdoor Furnace
7958 Curwensville Tyrone Hwy.
Olanta   PA   16863




Proudly Built in the USA! Easy to Operate, Cost Effective, No Mess in Your Home, Controlled Draft to Conserve Fuel, Installs in Any Existing Forced-Air or Hot Water and In-Floor System.

105 Industrial Park Court NE
Warroad, MN 56763



HEATMOR stainless steel outdoor furnaces are easy to load and maintain, efficient to operate, and are available in a wide choice of attractive colors. Each furnace is designed, tested, and proven to outlast mild steel brands up to three times longer.

2201 Ridgeview Drive
Beatrice, NE 68310



Burning wood in a HEATSOURCE 1 outdoor wood furnace is an inexpensive, hassle free heat source. One of primary goals is to get the highest quality product to the customer with the least number of middle men, at the most reasonable price, with the best warranty on the market

Johnson Outdoor Wood Furnaces
N. 5499 County Rd E
Ogdensburg, WI 54962


(920)244-7581 or
www.JohnsonOutdoorWoodFurnaces .com


Over 25 Years of Designing & Manufacturing of Wood Burning Stoves. Offering a cleaner, more cost-effective way to heat your home with less smoke than the competitors.

Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace
by Noonan's Welding & Heating
105 1st Street South
Keewatin, MN 55753


(218) 778-6314
(775) 248-9503 fax

The Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace provides a safe and efficient way of heating your home or business. Designed and Manufactured for efficiency, dependability and affordability. Save by buying your outdoor wood furnace factory direct.

Hardy Manufacturing Co.
12345 Road 505
Philadelphia   MS   39350


601-656-4559 fax

The all Stainless Steel Hardy Outside Wood burning Furnace is a quality product designed to save energy and provide the most comfortable heating available while eliminating wood, smoke, ashes, and fire danger in your home.

Legend Outdoor Furnaces
by Columbus Industries
1792 Joe Brown Hwy S.
Chadbourn, NC 28431



At Legend Outdoor Furnaces we build wood, coal, and corn fired furnaces that are installed outside away from the home. Easy to operate (automatic controls) and maintain.  Also available with solar option. Not only heats your home but also your domestic hot water.
. Top

The Wood Master
by Northwest Manufacturing
600 Polk Ave. SW
Red Lake Falls   MN   56750



The Wood Master outdoor furnace celebrates over 15 years of satisfied customers. You can use your Wood Master furnace to heat your home, business, garage, pool and spa; or, connect to your in-floor radiant heating system.

New Horizon Corp. Inc.
151 McGregor Drive
Sutton  WV  26601



Leading the way to clean, efficient wood burning. Wood burning boilers, utilizing wood gasification process, bring economic and convenient method of wood heating into the 22nd century. Our boilers achieve 80,000 to 300,000 BTU's of heat output with minimal wood consumption.

Alternate Heating Systems, Inc.
2395 Little Egypt Rd.
Harrisonville, PA 17228



Our boilers/heaters and furnaces are the core component of some of the most efficient heating systems in the world.  Whatever you need to heat - a maintenance shop, farm building, greenhouse, commercial building or residence, AHS has a Coal-Wood Boiler or Waste Oil Boiler to meet your needs.

1108 Hummingbird Lane
Copper Hill    VA   24079



Heatmaster furnaces offer affordable heat without the downside
of a wood burning indoor stove.
- No mess in the house      - No chimney fires   - No smoke smell
ow is the time to stop paying high heating bills!

Crown Royal Stoves
PO Box 1237
International Falls,  MN  56649



The Crown Royal Stove is one of the most efficient outdoor stoves / furnaces on the market today and is one of the best ways to heat your home or business while reducing initial heating costs.

ECONO Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Ozark Biomass
PO Box 50,  11136 Highway AD 
Falcon Missouri 65470





The Econo Outdoor Wood Furnace™ consists of a durable wood burning firebox surrounded by a round water tank.  The heat transfer to water is maximized through the Dual Chamber system as it makes a second pass through the water reservoir.

Shaver Furnaces
328 Hwy 62 West
Salem, AR  72576




Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnaces provide hot water to be used in conjunction with existing forced air or radiant heating systems.  Lower utility bills dramatically! Wood is very cheap or in many cases FREE! You can eliminate your gas, oil or electric bill simply by using a Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace. Owners of our Shaver Outdoor Furnace are also using up to 25 to 50% less wood compared to other heating methods.

R and A Stove Works
69 Lost Run
Cowen, WV 26206




My stove has a 10 yr warranty. Made of 1/4 inch boiler plate. Heats with wood and/or coal.Heats domestic water.Has 2 hookups for house, garage, etc.. A safer way to heat your home. Includes pump and blower.

Biomass Direct, LLC
300 Cherokee Park Drive
Elizabethton, TN 37643-2747




USA built high efficiency outdoor wood burning furnaces and easy self-install packages sold factory direct to homeowners and businesses.
We realize there are a lot of places to buy an outdoor furnace. In your community there may be “good ole boy” dealers that buy from distributors who have bought from manufacturers. You can also buy boxes of parts with your furnace. Our approach is different from the other guys. Learn more on our site.

Portage and Main
Outdoor Water Furnaces
R.R. 5 Site 16 Comp 114,
Prince Albert SK, S6V 5R3


1-800-561-0700 PortageandMainBoilers.com


The incredible energy efficient Portage & Main heating units are being proclaimed as the "Best Boiler ever" by the consumer. Advanced wood heat is not just a wood boiler. It must be efficient with top quality workmanship and performance. Some areas require EPA qualification. Check out the Portage & Main Wood Gasification Units.

Caluwe, Inc.
Hydro-to-Heat Converter

9 Wheatland Street
Burlington, MA 01803




The Hydro-to-Heat Converter is a revolutionary total combustion system designed to convert cordwood into useful heating energy while guaranteeing maximum efficiency, comfort and safety. It is available as an energy efficient and heat recovering hydronic wood stove or fireplace insert.

Heatmaster ss
Box 158
Winkler MB R6W 4A5
Burn Wood, Not Money!  Stainless Steel outdoor wood and coal burning furnaces.  Quality and performance built right in with rocker grates, ash pan, forced air adjustable blower and Lifetime Limited Warranty.  .  Dealerships still available in some areas.
Brooten Industries, Inc.
400 Railway Ave East Box 85
Brooten MN 56316
For over 35 years Brooten Industries has been committed to manufacturing quality outdoor wood boilers for home and light commercial application. Manufacturing All Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels. Available in 2 sizes of Sheltered and Non Sheltered.

Houser Welding
12175 State Route 707
Mendon, OH 45862
Houser Welding is an efficient, friendly, small town family run business. We provide quality products at reasonable prices. We know times are tough, they are here, too, but you can trust that every product that leaves our shop demonstrates quality workmanship.
Warm Water Solutions
5348 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas NV 89108

Get the ONLY U.S.A. Made Wood Fired Swimming Pool Heater & Enjoy Your Pool NOW! Give us a call, open 7 days a week!All heaters sizes In-Stock, Ready to ship - Call To Order - Become Independent from the Gas and Electric company, heat your pool with wood.
Sedore Stoves USA
47909 County Road 37
Deer River, MN. 56636

The Sedore Stove burns environmentally clean with high heating efficiency, and extended burn time per load of fuel.  There is no firebrick in this Stove, meaning that the heat radiates out of the Stove and into the room instead of being lost up the chimney. A stainless steel water coil for hydronic heating is a popular add-on.

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